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Long Realty is pleased to bring you Household Maintenance Tips courtesy of our local Long Advantage business partners. The articles below covers an array of helpful and insightful tips for the Arizona lifestyle. We hope you find this information useful.

Preparing for Fall

October 4, 2012

Fall colors are almost upon us and the temperatures are down to a cool 95 degrees. Seasonal clean ups are at hand, along with the transition from summer lawn to winter grass.

In another month it will also be time to reduce your irrigation timers for your landscape to a winter schedule. This will reduce your water bill and it is also not healthy for your plants to water them frequently during the winter. Also remember, when watering through your drip irrigation system it is better to water, whether it be winter or summer, for a longer duration rather than short spurts. Deeper soaking helps leach salts & establish a healthier, deeper root system.

The seasonal annual flower change is also close at hand. Large variations are available. Be careful in your selections, not all varieties do well here. What's listed on the label for full sun, comes from California. Try and avoid what I call the "pretty now, dead later variety".

Cherry Landscaping If you have any unusual problem related to your landscape that you haven’t been able to resolve, Cherry Landscape would enjoy answering your questions. Article provided courtesy of Cherry Landscape, Inc. Visit their website at: or call (520) 292-9776 for more information. or call 877.848.8629

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The information contained in these articles are provided by local area businesses. We believe this information to be accurate and reliable, but it is not guaranteed.